Amazing video shows tense moments as biker rescues tiny kitten from busy road

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A video posted to YouTube shows an awesome act of kindness by a motorcyclist when she spotted a tiny orange kitten in a busy intersection.

The woman’s GoPro camera captured the whole thing.

She believes the kitten may have fallen from the undercarriage of a car on the road. The video shows the tiny animal scared and darting, almost being hit by cars driving past.

The motorcyclist sounds frantic as she watches, trying to wave at oncoming traffic. She gets off her bike, leaving it in the street, and scoops up the kitten, taking it to an onlooker at the side of the road.

In her YouTube post, the biker says the little kitten ended up being a boy, and she named him Skids. She said she tried to contact the driver of the car she thought the kitten may have fallen from, but she hasn’t heard back.

In the meantime, little Skids looks to be doing great.