What are you afraid of? New survey lists ‘America’s Top Fears of 2015’

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What is your biggest fear?

Government corruption, cyber-terrorism and bio-warfare top the “America’s Top Fears of 2015” survey conducted by Chapman University.

The survey involved 1,541 American adults questioned about fears in several areas like crime, personal anxieties, daily life and natural disasters.

The top ten fears are listed as:

1.) Corruption of government officials
2.) Cyber-terrorism
3.) Corporate tracing of personal information
4.) Terrorist attacks
5.) Government tracking of personal information
6.) Bio-warfare
7.) Identity theft
8.) Economic collapse
9.) Running out of money in the future
10.) Credit card fraud

In other areas, 33 percent were afraid of reptiles; 31.4 percent were afraid of tornadoes, 28.4 percent were afraid of public speaking, and when it comes to clowns? Six point eight percent of those surveyed are afraid of them.

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