Ohio Issue 1: Creates bipartisan process for legislative districts

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Issue 1 is a proposed amendment to the state constitution that will change the way Ohio House and Senate districts are drawn to cut down on lines that favor one political party.

The districts are redrawn every 10 years in accordance with the census. Under the state constitution, there are 99 House district and three House district in each Senate district.

Currently, the districts are determined by the Ohio Apportionment Board, which is made up of the governor, auditor, secretary of state, one Republican and Ohio Democrat.

Issue 1 would create the Ohio Redistricting Commission, consisting of the governor, auditor, secretary of state, and four members appointed by the majority and minority leaders of the Ohio General Assembly. The issue would also require a bipartisan majority vote of four members to adopt the new district lines.

Read the ballot language for Issue 1 here

Read the joint resolution here

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