Parma Senior High is a ‘Cool School’

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PARMA-Excitement reigns at Parma High. The home of the Redmen is known for being a spirited school.

Students follow the school rule to stay on a positive path: be respectful, responsible and ready to learn.

A comprehensive curriculum allows students to take a number of advanced placement classes including Bio Tech Biology. "It makes it more intriguing. It makes you want to learn more about the subject than just a regular placement class.  It goes more in depth," Senior Erin Perry said.

Parma High is a one-to-one school. That means that everyone, all 1,750 students in the 8th grades, has their own mac book computer. "We're able to use technology to help with our learning. We're able to use our mac books to get information faster, to make reports, to enhance our learning," Perry added.

While attention is placed on academics, the goal is to graduate well-rounded students. Opportunities exist in the creative and performing arts at Parma High. "We have three different choirs. We have concert choir, women's ensemble and mixed choir. We also have an 8th grade choir -- a concert band, marching band, and an orchestra and an 8th grade band," Senior Emma Havranek said.

Junior Marco Habib takes an advanced placement art class.  “Art theory is a really good class to take if you’re really into the details of Art, if you love working with drawings, paintings and if you love examining the arts.  In this class, you get to express yourself,” he added.

Traditions remain strong at Parma High: Once a Redmen, always a Redmen. The alumni created a courtyard to be a welcoming place for all students. “We wanted to create a space for students to come and enjoy," PHS Graduate / Teacher Michael Jaszczak said.

Eighth grader Joshua bailey has already figured out why Parma High is a cool school. “All the students here at Parma High are very wonderful students. They show a lot of spirit throughout the hallways,” he said. 

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