I-Team exclusive: Video shows crash that left two college students injured

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CLEVELAND-The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained exclusively the video of a downtown crash that left two young women hurt.

It happened as they walked in a crosswalk at East 9th and St. Clair, and the driver is now being hit with charges.

However, the I-Team showed you another crash last month with an RTA bus in Cleveland hitting a woman in a crosswalk, but that driver did not face charges. So we investigated.

In this case, Cleveland Accident Investigators found the women had the right of way. They were in the crosswalk with the “walk” signal. The victims are CSU students, and they survived with the most serious injury being a broken leg.

In the RTA case, investigators found the victim was in a crosswalk, but she did not have the right of way. She did not have the “walk” signal. Plus, police found the woman distracted while talking on a cell phone. The bus came to a stop on her ankle.

In the downtown case, police have filed charges against the driver for not paying attention and failure to yield.

Meantime, even Tuesday at lunchtime downtown, the I-Team saw close calls with drivers and pedestrians sometimes dodging each other despite the traffic signals.