Districts continue to address concerns over bed bugs found in several schools

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Schools in at least two counties are addressing parents and their concerns about bed bugs that have recently been found on school grounds.

Elyria City School District made a post on its website this week saying rumors citing an infestation there is not true. The post says that bed bugs were discovered on a person at the high school Monday.

The classroom in which the bug was discovered was closed, and those in the classroom bagged clothing and belongings until they could be inspected. As a precaution, the high school was treated Monday night.

The post says that parents are notified when situations like this involve more than one person.

"There is no evidence of any large-scale pest issues or harboring of bed bugs, according to the pest experts," according to the post. "The situation as stated earlier was handled immediately and quickly contained. Rumors of an infestation in any facilities of the Elyria Schools are false."

Read the entire statement here. 

Meanwhile, Lorain City Schools last week reportedly had three separate bed bug incidents. A post on the district's website said they were just sightings, not infestations.

A district spokesperson told Fox 8 that the health department said the schools are clear. But school officials are working to identify families that have the bugs and will try to get information and help for them.

The district's website says parents did have concerns about the bugs and some kept their children home from school last week. Absences from last week will be excused, the district states, but excused absences will not be permitted this week.

"Parents should feel very comfortable sending their children to school,” Health Commissioner David Covell said in the district's post. “The important thing is to not panic. Lorain City Schools are doing all the right things.”

For more information on the Lorain City Schools website, click here. 

Lastly, Berea City School District says a student found a bed bug on a book in their locker Monday at Middleburg Heights Junior High School.

Officials say the school has a bedbug certified employee, who emptied the locker and adjacent lockers and inspected the items inside. No further bedbugs were found.

The lockers were treated after school and a bedbug-sniffing dog was to complete a search of the school. Parents were also notified of the incident via email.

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