A solution to ‘pumpkin roll’ pumpkin thefts? Leave a few out to be ‘stolen’

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CHAGRIN FALLS, OH - It happens every year. The annual Chagrin Falls Pumpkin Roll.

"It's moved from a prank to a tradition.  It's been going on close to fifty years," said Karen Wise, of Chagrin Falls.

Every year, Chagrin Falls high school students hurl hundreds of pumpkins down the steep Main Street hill and then slip and slide.

So, where do they get the pumpkins?

"Traditionally, it's called 'pumpkining' and the students go and swipe pumpkins off of porches," said Wise.

Wise is a mother of six and started a Facebook page devoted to the Chagrin Falls Pumpkin Roll.

She says she has a solution for those who love the tradition but don't want to hide their pumpkins from the students every night.

"Buy an extra pumpkin or two.  Put them on your curb or on your mailbox.  Write a little something on it like 'Take me to the Roll' with a black marker so that kids will see it and know those are okay to take," said Wise.

While most people in Chagrin Falls appreciate the tradition, there are others that wonder if it condones stealing.

Just last week, several teenagers from Chagrin Falls were charged with theft after police say they stole at least 26 pumpkins from homes in Aurora and Bainbridge for the Pumpkin Roll.

Wise says the best way to prevent this is to simply donate the pumpkins and then invite the students to steal them.

"It really is the safest options for kids.  They need to be an area that appreciates the roll and we don't want to them to get into any legal trouble.  We don't want people to report them or press charges.  We have amazing kids in our community," said Wise.

So when will the Pumpkin Roll happen this year?

It's top secret because the Chagrin Falls Senior class decides.

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