University of Akron Humans vs Zombies game cancelled following Oregon shooting

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AKRON - The University of Akron has cancelled their Humans vs Zombies game following the recent Oregon college shooting that took place last week.

According to a statement, the University of Akron Police Department has asked that the game be cancelled due to the use of dart guns during the game and the proximity to the Oregon shooting.

The organization, UA Humans vs Zombies is cooperating with UAPD and has cancelled the event.

Read the entire statement here:

If you have not heard this semesters game has been cancelled.

UAPD has asked us to cancel the game due to concerns from the community about the dart blasters and the proximity to the recent Oregon shooting.

We realize this is very unfortunate and frustrating but we need to respect the wishes of UAPD if we want to have future events.

With this newfound time that we have as moderators we plan to push for official Student Organizational status to better serve everyone in the future.

Thank you so much for all your support! We'll keep you updated on the organization status and any possible future events we may have

Read more here on the Oregon shooting. 

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