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Prosecutor announces $25,000 reward in murder of 5-month-old girl

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Aavielle Wakefield (Photo Credit: Family)

Aavielle Wakefield (Photo Credit: Family)

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office identified the baby killed in Thursday's shooting as 5-month-old Aavielle Wakefield while Cleveland police urge witnesses to come forward.

Police Chief Calvin Williams couldn't contain his emotions Thursday night as he talked about the latest violence to claim a young life.

"There are people who know what happened tonight," said Williams. "Things are all over Facebook. All over social media. Probably even before this happened. And there have been a lot of people lately in a lot of these incidents, brave people who have come forward and given us information and allowed us to close some of these cases fast. My guys have been instructed to stay on this as long as it takes."

Williams echoed those thoughts during Friday's news conference.  He urged people to do the right thing and share information with police.

“We’ve lost three young, innocent lives… It’s hard to stomach that because it’s not for any reason.”

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty announced a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

Police said Aavielle was in a car seat of a vehicle driving along East 143rd Street near Spear Avenue. The mom, baby, grandmother and an 8-year-old were taking a trip to the grocery store at the time. Four to six shots were fired into the car. The baby was hit in the chest.

No one else in the vehicle was shot. Williams said the bullet wasn't likely meant for anyone in that car.

After the shooting, a SWAT team surrounded the apartment building going room by room. They found bullet shells, but no shooter.

A man who said he’s the best friend of Aavielle’s mother set up a page for the family.

The baby is the fourth child shot in the city in the past month. Three of those children have died, and the oldest of the victims was 10.

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Jen Steer October 2, 201510:59 am

We should be starting any moment with comments from the chief and mayor.

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:04 am

Police Chief Calvin Williams: “We’ve lost three young, innocent lives… It’s hard to stomach that because it’s not for any reason.”

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:05 am

Williams is now recapping the deaths of three young children and the shooting of a 10-year-old. The 10-year-old boy’s father was shot and killed. They are still asking for information.

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:06 am

Williams says the Public Square shooting is connected to the shooting on Wade Avenue. Arrest warrants have been issued, but police are asking the media not to name them.

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:07 am

“We talked last night about enough is enough, and it is,” Williams says. “Not just say, but show enough is enough.”

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:07 am

“If you know something, you could prevent a tragedy like last night by giving us a call,” Williams says.

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:08 am

“We need people in the community concerned with black lives, with brown lives, with white lives, with purple lives… We’ve marched enough.”

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:11 am

Mayor Frank Jackson: “There are people who always talk about what someone else should be doing, but they do nothing… They have great philosophical conversations about what they should do, but they do nothing.”

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:12 am

Jackson: “We have a problem. We’re going to address that problem. We’re probably going to get some criticism in the aggressiveness of addressing that problem… So be it.”

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:13 am

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty announces $25,000 reward for information in 5-month-old’s death and 10-year-old’s shooting.

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:14 am

McGinty says he wants people to have courage and he can protect witnesses.

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:16 am

Williams: “Do the right thing… People need to stop chanting and do something.”

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:17 am

“We will do everything in our power to protect them… We just need the information.” -Williams, says tipsters can remain anonymous and call Crime Stoppers.

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:18 am

Williams: “The gang unit is 25+ strong.” Has support of FBI, prosecutors.

A woman was killed in her living room because of her brother’s actions, and everyone in the neighborhood and the family knew it, Williams said.

Jen Steer October 2, 201511:20 am

Williams clearly frustrated: “This should be emotional for everybody. For everyone in this room, for everyone in this city.”