City council pushes for answers after one of deadliest months in Cleveland in years

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CLEVELAND - September has been one of the deadliest months in Cleveland in years.

But it's not just the murders and shootings that have people in the city worried. It's a feeling that crime of all types is out of control.

"It really troubles me that there are so many citizens in our city who are really concerned about the status of the criminal activity in our neighborhood today and to how it pertains to their personal safety and the safety of their children,” Ward Eight Councilman Mike Polensek said.

The committee took City Safety Director Michael McGrath to task over police presence and their activities in fighting crime in neighborhoods.

They say the police need to be more forthcoming with information especially about the sharp rise in murders and shootings across the city.

“I need to have a conversation with you in the public at this committee table about why,” Ward 10 Councilman Jeff Johnson said. “Why do you think in the course of the last five years, in the course of the past nine months and this past month have been the deadliest and most violent in the past five years?”

McGrath says as for this latest spike in violence he says city police are doing all they can to fight this and are partnering with federal prosecutors to go after the criminals.

“Both entities, the county and the federal prosecutors, have been very cooperative with this partnership to get the guns off the streets and prosecute those people who do have weapons," he said.

McGrath says the city is also looking at staffing issues and better ways to put more officers on the streets.