Tearful 3-year-old tells dad how Barbie made her break the nail polish rules

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CLEVELAND – It’s probably a safe bet to say that quite a few parents out there have felt, at times, that their daughters’ dolls are….well, just evil.

Take Barbie, for instance. She has been the source of much controversy over the years: body image issues, career choices, tattoos, wardrobe issues. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the fights waged over which sister owns which Barbie doll in homes with more than one Barbie fan.

But, did you know that Barbie is telling young girls to break their parents’ rules? It’s true.

At least according to 3-year-old Sophia of Cleveland. Barbie told  Sophia — over 100 times —  that Sophia should paint her blue…with nail polish…all over her…while they were inside the house…which is not allowed. And although Sophia adamantly insists that she argued time and time again against breaking the rules, Barbie won.

Listen to Sophia’s tearful testimony as to how Barbie led her astray.


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