Cleveland police: We have been working tirelessly to solve deadly shootings

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CLEVELAND-- City of Cleveland officials gave an update Monday afternoon on recent violence in the city, most recently this weekend.

Cleveland police were called to a home on East 140th Street at 9:40 p.m. Saturday night after the bodies of two people were discovered there. A man was arrested and a vehicle apprehended on Monday that was wanted in connection with the crime. Deputy Chief Edward Tomba said it may have been a family issue.

Also on Saturday, near 108th and Shaker Boulevard, a 10-year-old was shot and transported to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital; an adult was shot and killed at the same location. At Monday's press conference, police said the child is still in the hospital.

Around the same time on Robertson Ave., one person was killed and police are investigating it as a homicide.

Donnell Lindsey (Photo courtesy: US Marshals Northern Ohio)

Donnell Lindsey (Photo courtesy: US Marshals Northern Ohio)

Police also talked about the drive-by shooting that killed Major Howard, 3, on September 15 while he was sitting in a car. They are looking for Donnell Lindsey in connection with that crime.

Ramon Burnett, 5, was killed on September 4 in a drive-by shooting while playing in his front yard. Two people were indicted in connection with his death.

At the press conference, the mayor and police were asked about money coming to them from the Justice Department. Mayor Jackson said he could not comment since he just recently found out about it. Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said until they see the federal dollars, it's hard to see where they would like them to go.

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Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:35 pm

Police Chief Calvin Williams: It’s been a tough year for the City of Cleveland; we continue to send our condolences out to the victims’ families. We have been working tirelessly to make sure those responsible are brought to justice. 

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:35 pm

Police Chief Williams: We have received help from our federal partners- including ATF. 

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:36 pm

Chief Williams: We are dedicating all the resources at our disposal to catch those behind the crimes. 

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:39 pm

Deputy Chief Edward Tomba: 10-year-old still at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital from the shooting that happened on Saturday; detectives are looking to view any surveillance video from that crime. 

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:40 pm

Deputy Chief Tomba: On Major Howard, we obtained an arrest warrant for Donnell Lindsey. 

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:41 pm

Tomba: Case on 140th may have been a family issue. We see nothing that connects all of them together. 

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:43 pm

Tomba providing updates at press conference on Monday.

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:44 pm

Mayor Jackson: “It’s never enough.” – speaking about resources to help fight crime in Cleveland. 

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:45 pm

Mayor Jackson: We make great use with what we have; some of these homicides, especially with children, are being solved very quickly. That would not happen without the help of the people. 

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:47 pm

Mayor Jackson: We need to have responsible gun ownership… We’d like to have resources on the preventative side. 

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:48 pm

Mayor Jackson just learned about money coming to Cleveland from the Justice Department. He just learned about it 10 minutes ago, so he can not yet comment on it. 

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:50 pm

Chief Williams: Until we can see those federal dollars, it’s hard to see where we’d like them to go. 

Kara Sutyak September 21, 20153:50 pm

Press conference has ended.