Man spends 6 months, $1500 to make chicken sandwich from scratch

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MINNESOTA – Most people just run to the grocery store to grab the ingredients needed for a sandwich.

But Andy George, the founder of a new video series called “How to Make Everything,” took on the task of making a chicken sandwich a little further than that.

He spent 6 months and about $1500 dollars to make every part of the sandwich from scratch.

“I’ve been into cooking and I found myself starting to make more from-scratch meals, but they weren’t really from scratch,” George told “I wanted to see how difficult it would be and how it would taste.”

He grew the vegetables, made salt from ocean water, milked a cow for cheese and even killed the chicken himself.

He planned to keep things local, but had to fly to the west coast to collect ocean water to make the salt.

“My homegrown vegetables tasted a lot better than store bought ones and the pickles were pretty good, but they were soggy. I think it was the cheese and mayo that threw off the sandwich the most,” he said.

He said he now appreciates DIY projects even more.

“I respect that I can go into the store and buy this ready-made stuff so I don’t have to do it, but also enjoy the do-it-yourself experience and respect the people who want to make it on their own,” he said.