TMZ: Sources say Jessica Simpson was not drunk during HSN appearance

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Fans and viewers of the Home Shopping Network stormed social media after Jessica Simpson appeared in a segment to sell items from her clothing line.

That’s because Simpson appeared to be unsteady and slurring her speech during the appearance.

E! reports that Simpson was on HSN at 9 p.m. Thursday with host Colleen Lopez to promote items from her Jessica Simpson 10th Anniversary Collection. Simpson’s mother, Tina, also made an appearance.

Before the show, Simpson tweeted about her excitement.

Shortly after the appearance, viewers took to social media accusing Simpson of being intoxicated and not being prepared.

But TMZ reported Friday that sources say Simpson was not drunk and that her actions are “just part of her personality that surfaces from time to time.”

Sources also pointed out to TMZ that for the majority of the segment, Simpson was “lucid and polished.”

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