Identical triplets are 1 in a million: ‘We won the genetic lottery’

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LONG ISLAND, N.Y.– Identical triplets born to a couple in Long Island, New York are one in a million– literally.

Jason and Kelli Fenley are the proud parents of three boys: Owen, Noah and Miles. According to ABC News, the babies were born July 1 and introduced during a press conference on Thursday.

The couple, who said they hit the “genetic lottery,” also have a 2-year-old son named Aiden.

The Fenleys tell the little ones apart by color-coding them. “Owen is blue; Noah is gray and Miles is green. We dress them in that color, and paint their toenails that particular color,” said Kelli Fenley. But, little Aiden has his own system: He calls all three of them Noah.