Georgia puppy found beaten and buried alive is on the road to recovery

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AUGUSTA –  He was found beaten and buried alive in a shallow grave in Augusta, Georgia and now he is continuing to fight for his life.

Four-month-old Moxie is recovering after he was found earlier this week, and when he came in to the Westside Animal Shelter he was in pretty bad shape, according to WJBF.

“When this little guy came in he was nearly comatose,” said Scarlett Timmons, a veterinarian at the shelter.  “He could not stand or hardly look at you, much less eat or drink when he came in.”

He had swelling to his head and several ant bites when he was rescued, but now he is doing much better.

“Hey Moxie!” Timmons greeted him.  “He says ‘I still have a long way to go, but I am improving every day,’” she said on behalf of the puppy inside his cage.

They aren’t sure what the long-term effects of his injuries will be, but for now he is functioning normally.

Local authorities say no report has been filed as they have no idea where Moxie came from or who his owners are.

The non-profit group Dog Networking Agents, Inc. is covering his medical bills and offering a reward for anyone with information on this incident.