Dog trained to save woman’s life missing in Mansfield

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MANSFIELD, Ohio– It is so heartbreaking when someone’s pet is missing. For a family in Mansfield, there are so many reasons they want their beloved pup back home; one of the most important: Rajesh is trained to save Patricia Duffer’s life and she says he’s saved her life in the past.

Patricia tells FOX 8 her beloved Chihuahua, who weighs less than three pounds, is the smallest medical alert service dog known to be working in the U.S.  He disappeared Thursday night just before 10 p.m. in the area of Helen Ave. and Park Ave. West in Mansfield. He has a black coat (with graying) with white and tan markings.

Patricia says she suffers from tachycardia symptoms and Rajesh is trained to save her life by alerting her when things go wrong.

He is not wearing a collar or tags; Patricia says all of his information is kept on his working vest which was not on him at the time. She says he should have a microchip with her name and a Toledo, Ohio address on it.

A reward is offered for his safe return.  Patricia asks that you please call one of the following numbers if you see him:  567-868-6025 or 419-543-0000.

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