Study: Pressure to be on social media 24/7 causes anxiety, sleep problems in teens

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New research says the need to be available on social media 24/7 can cause depression, anxiety and sleep problems for teens.

That’s according to a study by researchers with the University of Glasgow, who surveyed 467 teens about their use of social media.

The study says that nighttime social media use and the emotional investment put into it can cause poor sleep quality and lower self-esteem. Anxiety can even be caused by not being able to respond immediately to messages or posts.

Sleep quality went down by more than 13 percent for teens who were on social media before bed.

“While overall social media use  impacts on sleep quality, those who log on at night appear to be particularly affected,” said Dr. Heather Cleland Woods. “This may be mostly true of individuals who are highly emotionally invested. This means we have to think about how our kids use social media, in relation to time for switching off.”

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