I-Team: Escapee tells Fox 8 I-Team how he got out

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CLEVELAND - A man accused of escaping from a Cleveland jail last month is sitting back behind bars, but before he was captured, he called the FOX 8 I-Team.

Darryl Smith told us his version of how he escaped from the House of Corrections. He’d been doing time for threatening to kill an ex-lover.

Smith told the I-Team he had noticed guards not paying attention. He said, “Cameras pointed at the back door were never monitored.”

Smith worked in the kitchen, and he also noticed, “The back door was always unlocked.” He said he told another inmate to keep the bathroom door closed. Then, if anyone asked about Smith, the inmate was to say that Smith was in the bathroom.

Smith told the I-Team, another factor is what he wore. He said at first, he wore a white outfit for working in the kitchen. But somehow he said he had blue pants and a couple of shirts underneath. That way, he was able to ditch the whites as soon as he got out.

That led us to go back to Cleveland City Hall. We wondered if security is that lax at the House of Corrections? And is anyone there being held accountable for the escape? A spokesman told us the matter is still under investigation.

US Marshals and Cleveland Police arrested Smith Monday morning at a home on East 102nd Street. People there told the I-Team Smith was helping to rehab the home, and they had no idea Smith had been wanted.

US Marshal Pete Elliott said, “We like capturing guys that think they’ll never get caught. He’s fairly good at covering his tracks. We were one step behind in the last couple of weeks.”

Smith now sits in the Cuyahoga County Jail, not where police say he escaped from.