Video shows German Shepherd’s view of Lakewood puppy pool party

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio- At the end of the swimming season, Foster Pool in Lakewood goes to the dogs.

The Friends of Lakewood Dog Park hosted its annual dog swim Tuesday night and it was packed with pups, including one German Shepherd sporting a GoPro camera.

Lola, owned by Ashley Brown and Keith Knittel, is already a YouTube star. A video, which we featured a few months ago, shows her pacing the house while her owners were at dinner. The clip has more than two million views.

This time, the GoPro captured the 4-year-old pooch swimming, shaking and fetching tennis balls.

“The diving board part took a minute for her to get the courage to ‘walk the plank’ but she did,” Brown said. “Jumping off was kind of an accident though. She saw a tennis ball, got excited, lost her balance and kerplunked in the water.” Brown said she jumped in after Lola to make sure she was OK.

Despite being a born swimmer who loves the water, Lola wore a life jacket, courtesy of YouTube.

“My favorite part of filming her was seeing her little paws swim in the water and dive into the water. I never imagined it to look that way,” Brown said.

The fur baby passed out as soon as they got home from the pool and was still groggy the next morning.