Group prays for Cleveland police officers’ safety after recent shootings

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CLEVELAND- All lives matter, including those of police officers. That is the message a group of Cleveland residents wanted to get across during a Wednesday evening prayer vigil.

"We pray right now that every single one that goes out at the time of their duty Lord, that they come in at the end of their shift God," said community activist Angel Arroyo, who led the group of nearly three dozen people in prayer as they held hands.

They gathered in front of Cleveland's second district police headquarters to pray for police officers.

"I just appreciate every one of these men and women, and their safety forces for giving their lives in doing what they do," said one participant.

Organizer Cyndi Rice, who lives in the second district, said she promoted the vigil on Facebook after hearing about recent attacks against police officers nationwide.

"They put their lives on the line for us. They put themselves between us and the bad guy, and I appreciate them so much... That I want to do whatever I can to help them," Rice said.

Last week, several people were accused of shooting at two Cleveland police officers near East 131st.  Days earlier, a deputy in Texas was gunned down while pumping gas.

Loved ones of local officers said the recent backlash against the police affects families and the entire community.

"I have two daughters that worry about that man every single day and myself, all we do is we want him home. He's doing his job and they have to be able to do it, they don't deserve to be shot at or stopped in any manner," said Patti Finau, the wife of a Cleveland police officer.

"It's kind of just gone out as an all-out war on the police officers and the community, and it's time for us to just stand up and pray," Arroyo said.

Arroyo said officers have a tough job and deserve respect, the same respect the people they serve ask from them.

"There's been shooting that I've disagreed with, but in a whole, not every police officer is a dirty person," Arroyo said.