Second suspect charged as police chief addresses death of 5-year-old in drive-by shooting

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CLEVELAND -  A 5-year-old was struck and killed by a bullet Friday afternoon, after a gun battle between two men took place on Louise Harris Court, according to court documents.

An affidavit establishing probable cause for Dontavious Williams' arrest said he was engaged in gunfire with another man when a  bullet struck and  killed 5-year-old Ramon Burnett.

Another man involved in the shooting, Marlon Hackett Jr. , turned himself in.  Late this morning, he was charged with aggravated murder.

Roman was playing outside near his home when he was shot.

Police Chief Calvin Williams, accompanied by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, addressed  the media on the shooting this morning. Chief Williams said that they want to bring everyone involved in this case to justice, and in order to do that, they need the public's help.

Anyone who knows anything at all that might help should come forward and speak with the authorities.

Williams also added that in order to stop crimes like this one, the gun issue itself must be addressed. Police and gang units have been out since the shooting on Friday collecting guns. He said that anyone can bring any weapon in and turn it over to the police, no questions asked.

***Read the live blog of their conference below.***

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:32 am

Chief Williams: the case of the 5 year old shot is far from over. We need the public’s help in that and in the other homicide cases. Many of these cases get solved when citizens come forward to help us out. 

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:32 am

A number of handguns were recovered by officers this weekend. 

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:33 am

The gun issue one we need to tackle. We need the public’s help. You can bring any weapon and turn it in to the police, no questions asked. 

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:33 am

Get any guns out of your home. 

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:34 am

Mayor Jackson: What we have to do is own success and failure. We can’t talk about what someone else should be doing. We gain success as a community working together.  

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:35 am

Jackson: There are a lot of things being done via education and community benefits, but we need to pull together to make it a community effort. 

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:35 am

Jackson: To the families who have lost someone via violence, you have our condolences and we will work to minimize the violence in this city.

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:35 am

Williams: We won’t tolerate violent behavior in the city. 

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:36 am

Williams: Other people know something about Ramon’s killing. They need to tell us. 

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:36 am

Williams: It’s not just unsecured guns in homes. There is a huge illegal gun trade that needs to be stopped. 

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:37 am

Williams: Detectives are talking to additional witnesses in Ramon’s death. Both suspects have been charged. We want to bring everyone involved to justice. 

Ann Domeck September 7, 201510:38 am

Williams: We recover weapons every day and are checking to see where they come from in an effort to stop the flow of illegal weapons.