‘Just a senseless homicide’: Community reacts to shooting of 5-year-old boy

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CLEVELAND - A memorial has been set up to remember the life of a 5-year-old killed during a drive-by shooting Friday.

Ramon Burnett, 5.

Ramon Burnett, 5.

Roman Burnett was playing outside near his home when he was shot.

"I just heard the shots and I just ran out, my kids was outside and I just ran out to see where they was and I just see the little boy laying on the ground," said neighbor Hilary Thornton.  "That could have been anybody's kids like right here in this area, all of our kids play here."

One neighbor witnessed the shooting.

"When I came out I just saw the little man on the ground, he wasn't moving or nothing," the witness said. "Just a senseless homicide. A good kid, gave him money, popsicles whatever he asked for, I gave it to him. We have to stop all this violence man, because it could have been one of my kids and I don't know how I would have reacted off that."

A warrant was issued Saturday morning for Marlon Antwon Hackett, Jr. and states that Hackett fired a shot from his car, hoping to kill Dontavius Williams. Instead, 5-year-old Ramon was killed.

Marlon Antwon Hackett Jr. was taken into custody Saturday afternoon.

After the shooting, Ramon was found with one gunshot wound to the chest and immediately taken to  MetroHealth Medical Center, where he died of his wounds.

"Happy, playful, he was just a happy five-year-old, just a regular happy five-year-old," said Carleshia Burnett, Ramon's aunt. "He loved to play, he loved to come outside, he just loved to come out here and play with his friends."

Although Hackett Jr. is in custody, the investigation is ongoing.