Hillary Clinton talks gun control, foster care during Cleveland campaign stop

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CLEVELAND— Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in Cleveland on Thursday to ask for the area's commitment to vote.

The event happened at Freiberger Field Case Western Reserve University with speakers like former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and U.S. Sen. Marcia Fudge.

"We're going to fight hard in Ohio. We're going to fight hard in the primary. We're going to fight hard in 2016," Clinton said. "I want to help young people believe."

Clinton spoke about the need for reform in the foster care system and new gun control policies, while criticizing the GOP candidates.

“Don’t be distracted by the flamboyant frontrunner… Most of the other candidates are Trump without the pizzazz and the hair," Clinton said.

The former Secretary of State praised the hard work of late Congress members from Cleveland Louis Stokes and Stephanie Tubbs-Jones.

Fox 8 News has learned Clinton will then attend a private fundraiser at a home in Bratenahl Thursday afternoon.

Ohio is only the second non-early primary state she's targeted with such efforts.

Her husband Bill Clinton twice won Ohio, and Hillary convincingly defeated Barack Obama in the state's 2008 Democratic primary. But her campaign said it's taking nothing for granted.

Ohio Republicans said heavily-Democratic Cleveland is in play next year and they've boosted their outreach there. They called Clinton a "retread candidate" whose record is "failed and tired."

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Jen Steer August 27, 201510:25 am

“The eyes of the nation, in fact the eyes of the world, will be on Ohio in 2016,” former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland says.

Jen Steer August 27, 201510:30 am

Ken Johnson, who is a volunteer coordinator for Hillary Clinton campaign, speaking now. “It’s Hillary time.”

Jen Steer August 27, 201510:39 am

Ken Johnson: “It’s whose time? It’s Hillary’s time.” There’s some chanting going on in the crowd, which is expected to fill in. Clinton should be speaking shortly.

Jen Steer August 27, 201510:53 am

We’re waiting for Clinton to speak. Should be anytime.

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:18 am

Hillary Clinton speaking now.

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:19 am

Clinton talking about foster care issues, “Because the system has failed so many people.” Says her mother was rejected by her parents and grandparents, and ended up working as a housemaid at age 14.

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:20 am

“I will first and foremost be a champion for our children.”

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:21 am

Clinton says she loves seeing the progress in Cleveland, the construction. “No one fights harder for Ohio families,” than Marcia Fudge.

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:22 am

“I hope you will do everything you can to help Ted (Strickland) get elected into the U.S. Senate.”

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:23 am

Clinton says a few words about the late Louis Stokes.

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:25 am

Clinton speaks about 2004 election when minorities reported waiting in lines four hours to vote.

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:27 am

On yesterday’s shooting in Virginia: “I know we have that majority of Americans and a majority of gun owners who support comprehensive background check.” Calls for “common sense reform.”

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:28 am

“Tamir Rice isn’t here either. He should be here. He should be healthy. He should be alive.” -Clinton

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:31 am

Clinton says during the GOP debate she didn’t hear candidates say anything about lowering the cost of education, lowering the cost of prescription drugs or raising the minimum wage.

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:33 am

Clinton says she met with President Obama in Chicago in 2008. He told her about the economy “They didn’t tell us how bad is it.”

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:34 am

“Trickledown economics is one of the worst ideas of the 1980s and we should not let it come back.” -Clinton

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:35 am

“Don’t be distracted by the flamboyant frontrunner… Most of the other candidates are Trump without the pizzazz and the hair.” -Clinton on GOP

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:43 am

“You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you react.” -Clinton

Jen Steer August 27, 201511:44 am

Clinton says: “I’m running for president for everyone, the struggling, the striving and the successful.”