175-pound pit bull, Hulk, fathers 8 puppies valued at nearly $500K

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NEW HAMPSHIRE – Earlier this year, the world was introduced to Hulk. He’s barely two, but weighs in at a massive 175 pounds.

The pit bull has now added to his family, fathering two litters this summer.

Hulk with his litter.

Hulk with his litter.

According to TIME, his owners say that this most recent litter of 8 puppies, could exceed the value of $500,000 dollars.

The family breeds dogs at their farm and trains them as protection dogs.

“If the litter were all trained as protection dogs,” Marlon said, “they could be worth in excess of half-a-million dollars, absolutely.”

They say Hulk is being a good father so far. They also say that they are always careful with Hulk around the puppies and their son and insist that they are safe around him, despite his size.