Suspect in drug activity dies in crash with undercover Cleveland police car

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CLEVELAND- A suspect died after crashing in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

Cleveland police said detectives were investigating drug activity in the area of West 32nd Street and Clark Avenue. They saw the suspect get into a Nissan and drive away. That's when police tried to stop the car.

The suspect drove off, causing a crash at Seymour Avenue and Scranton Road. According to police, the suspect did a U-turn on West 14th Street and nearly hit a construction worker before fishtailing and losing control.

Witnesses said they heard squealing tires, then noticed a police car chasing another vehicle.

"A Nissan Maxima came flying around the turn, at least 60 miles an hour, and fishtailed and almost hit our trailer," one man told Fox 8 News. "He's flying. The car was jacked up."

The Nissan hit an undercover police car, trapping the officer inside. Firefighters were able to rescue the cop, who was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputy Police Chief Ed Tomba said this was not a chase.

Crash scene