Amherst man reunited with missing Maltese puppy

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AMHERST, Ohio- A Northeast Ohio man was reunited with his missing 4-month-old Maltese puppy, who disappeared last week.

John Bryan left his dog at his motorcycle repair shop on Telegraph Road in Amherst on Aug. 6. He didn't realize there was a small opening, allowing Clyde the puppy to crawl through.

The tiny pooch made it to the nearby Cherry Knoll Pure Natural Spring Water center, where he was picked up by Blane Geary. Geary checked with other customers, but couldn't find the dog's owner.

"I couldn't leave him here," Geary said. He took the Maltese puppy home and checked newspapers for a missing pup matching the little guy's description.

He said his daughter called him after watching the story on Fox 8 News Wednesday night. Geary happily returned Clyde to Bryan Thursday afternoon with a little help from a dispatcher from the Lorain County Sheriff's Office.

"Everything worked out for the best," Bryan said. "The big concern with little guys like him is they're real friendly and real desirable dogs. And a lot of people, you know, they find one and before they have a chance to find the owner, they fall in love with the dog and don't want to give the dog back."