Woman behind viral shark video offers advice on clothes shopping

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HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee — If you’re on Facebook, there’s a good chance you’ve seen her shark video.

Veronica-Pooh Nash Poleate is the self-proclaimed “Meat Minister” who became an internet star when her video about staying out of the “shark’s house” went viral.

*Scroll down for Poleate’s shark video

“Go to the beach, don’t go to the ocean,” she warned vacationers after several people were bitten by sharks off the coast of North Carolina back in June.

That video was played more than 13 million times.

In her new video titled “Let’s bring CLASSY back!!!,” the school guidance counselor offers advice on back-to-school clothes shopping.

“Please make sure you’re getting clothes that fit,” Poleate urges her Facebook followers.

“If I can see that you have a quarter in your pocket, then your pants or shorts are probably a little too tight,” she said. “Let’s bring classy back.”

“Just go up a size. It’s okay. It’s okay,” she said.

Her message was as much for young men as it was for young women.

“I don’t want to see your boxers or your tighty whities,” she said of the young men who wear their pants too loose.

“If you have to walk holding your stuff up and you can’t strike out and run if a dog get after you, then your pants are probably too big,” she said.

What inspired Poleate’s latest video on keeping it classy for back to school shopping? She said several men messaged her to suggest the topic.

“It’s bad when the men don’t want to see all that,” she said of young women who don’t cover up enough for school.

So far, Poleate’s back-to-school video has 200,000 views.

For a link to her Facebook page, click here.