Prisoner charged for attacking guard at Lorain County Jail

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LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio-- A prisoner attacked and knocked out a corrections officer in the area of the Lorain County Jail where inmates with mental health issues are housed. Security cameras were rolling on Monday as Officer Eric Elliot dodged a punch from 51-year-old inmate Bronald Strange.

Elliot told investigators he was trying to calm the prisoner down when Strange attacked. Elliot said he was able to grab the 6 foot 4 inch, 226-pound inmate by the waist and take him to the ground, but said Strange was able to break free and get the officer to the floor.

A nurse who was working in the area said she jumped on the inmate’s back and tried to pull him off of the officer; meanwhile other jail employees could be seen in the video running into the room to help.

According to an investigative report, Elliot said he was face down on the floor while Strange had both of his arms wrapped around his neck in a choke hold. Officer Elliot added that “Mr. Strange was able to lift him off the ground a bit and slammed him onto the concrete floor.” Elliot told investigators he lost consciousness numerous times and believed Strange was trying to kill him.

“This goes to show how dangerous the job of a corrections officer can be,” said Jail Administrator Andy Laubenthal. He told Fox 8’s Lorrie Taylor, "It took five or six elbow blows to Bronald Strange's back and shoulder area before jail personnel could pull him off of Officer Elliot."

According to the investigative report, Elliot was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released with visible injuries to his face, head and neck. Strange appeared to have no visible injuries to his body.

Court records indicated Strange had a violent past that included convictions for attacking a police dog, resisting arrest, domestic violence and gross sexual imposition. He has been charged with assault for the attack on Officer Elliot.