Police: Woman puts note with rent payment to save herself from captivity, rape

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Lenexa, KS  -- A 34-year-old Lenexa man is accused of holding a woman captive for four months and raping her at least twice during the ordeal.

Tuesday afternoon, Anthony Darryl Allen appeared before a Johnson County judge who set Allen's bond at $500,000. If he posts bond, Allen must be on house arrest and have no contact with the woman, according to KCTV.

Allen is charged with one count of aggravating kidnapping and two counts of rape. He asked the judge to appoint a public defender to represent him.

He was arrested early Monday following a four-hour standoff at at the Lenexa Pointe Apartments, which are located at 7714 Halsey St. He is an unemployed Army veteran.

Authorities said the woman managed to escape the home about 8:30 p.m. Sunday. Allen refused to come out of the woman's apartment and turned on the gas inside, police said. He consumed bug spray and laundry detergent in an attempt to take his own life. Officers were able to get the gas situation resolved and Allen arrested. He was evaluated at the hospital and later released.

Apartment workers told KCTV5's Heather Staggers how they were able to rescue the woman. The woman, who is the tenant, managed to get a note in with her rent payment saying she needed help escaping from her boyfriend who she said was abusing her and holding her against her will.

A manager found the note over the weekend. Beth Galley said the woman wrote, "Do not call police, but send help." The manager, who didn't know the man was inside the apartment until the note, did contact authorities who worked out a plan that they then executed Sunday night.

"(Galley) told me to walk over all nonchalantly like everything was all right," maintenance worker Mychael Reyes said.

Reyes pretended there was a water leak above the woman's apartment and that she needed to leave.

"I just said there was a water issue downstairs coming from upstairs and I just wanted her to step outside so I could talk to her about it," Reyes said. "Then when I got around the corner out of his sight, I told her to get downstairs because the cops were downstairs."

He said he was so anxious that his fingers went numb.

"I wasn't scared. I was nervous for her mainly. I just wanted to get her out of there," Reyes said. "People are like, 'You are a hero.' I don't see it that way. I was just doing the right thing."

According to court documents, Allen began holding the woman hostage on April 1 until she managed to break free. He allegedly threatened to kill the woman almost every day he held her captive.

He is accused of raping the woman on June 26 and July 7. Allen has three prior domestic violence-related cases in Riley County, KS and Minnesota. Those cases involving restraining a woman.

The 46-year-old victim attended Allen's initial court appearance. She had a tissue in her hand and spoke with prosecutors. A victim's advocate gave her support.

During the hearing, Allen asked the judge to read the full charges to him. When he heard the seriousness of them, Allen began to sway. He then held onto the wall to hold himself up. Court staff brought him a chair and he sat in it for the remainder of the hearing.