Man claims to be Tarzan, swings through zoo exhibits while covered in mud

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LOS ANGELES - A shirtless man was arrested at the Santa Ana Zoo after an employee called police claiming that he was attempting to swing into different exhibits.

Police say he was likely under the influence of drugs at the time and methamphetamine was found to be in his possession when he was arrested, according to KTLA.

When police arrived, they found 37-year-old John William Rodenborn covered in mud.

The 911-caller said Rodenborn had attempted to get into the monkey and bird exhibits by swinging into them.

“We have a gentleman who is — appears to be — under the influence of something and is climbing in our trees and jumping into animal exhibits,” zoo Director Kent Yamaguchi told the dispatcher during the emergency call.

“He’s shouting at people that he’s Tarzan,”Yamaguchi said.

Police arrived shortly after the call and took Rodenborn into custody.

No animals were harmed while Rodenborn was attempting to get into exhibits.