Girl who survived Bedford crash that killed mom, 2 sisters to speak at DARE convention

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BEDFORD, Ohio- It's all about forgiveness, thinking about what lies ahead and no looking back.

"I can do and be anything I want to be," Zumyah Thorpe said.

Zumyah has a lot to forgive. In March 2013, her pregnant mother, Maria Thorpe, and her two younger sisters, ages 5 and 8, were killed when a drunken driver hit their car in Bedford. Zumyah, who was 10 at the time, and her older sister survived, but she suffered severe head trauma and lost her sight.

From that she's found inspiration, not bitterness. She also wrote an essay that earned her a trip to New Orleans.

"When Zumyah was in school, she did a report a part of the DARE program. And her report won top report and because of that, the DARE program wanted to meet Zumyah, especially because of the situation behind her story," her grandmother Rhonda Thorpe said.

Zumyah will be going to the DARE convention in New Orleans to speak to hundreds of police officers. She plans to tell them how the acts of a drunken driver changed her life and how her faith keeps her looking forward.

"He made a stupid choice, but God said I couldn't be mad anymore. I had to be happy. I had to smile. I couldn't be mad anymore. I said, 'OK God, you win.' I will smile easy day. I shouldn't be sad or mad anymore," Zumyah told Fox 8 News.

She also has a lot of support from her grandparents, Rhonda and Alonzo, and a chart-topping singer. Last year, Zumyah met Bruno Mars when he came to Cleveland. His music helped her heal during the months she spent recovering in the hospital.

"Oh my. That was so awesome. One day I hope I can see him again. We had a private concert. IT was the more awesome thing ever," Zumyah said.

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