Exclusive: Marco Rubio one-on-one with FOX 8; other candidates arrive in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND - Marco Rubio spoke exclusively with Fox 8's Kevin Freeman ahead of the GOP debate on Thursday, he also hosted a rally at TownHall in Cleveland on Wednesday night.

Rubio, 44, of Miami, has served as U.S. senator since 2011 after serving as a city commissioner and then as a Florida state legislator from 2000 to 2008.

In regards to visiting Ohio, Rubio knows the importance of winning the state.

"We want to win everywhere we compete, so we would love to win in Ohio as well in the primary cycle, and obviously Florida is my home state, but I'll leave the political analysis up to the political analysts. My job is to go out and explain to people what I'm for, what I will do if they give me the opportunity to be the president."

The other candidates are also arriving in Cleveland, including Rick Perry on Wednesday afternoon. Mike Huckabee was expected to arrive on Wednesday night.

Rubio is one of 10 top-ranking candidates and will participate in the debate beginning just before 9 p.m., lasting two hours.

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