‘Crime Watch Daily’ to premiere next month on Fox 8

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CLEVELAND, Ohio-- Robbery, identity theft, unsolved murder stories and real-life mysteries.

A new one-hour daytime show will premiere on Fox 8 next month spotlighting it all.

It's called "Crime Watch Daily," and it all begins on Sept. 14 at 2pm here on FOX 8.

The show follows a team of experienced reporters who travel across the country to uncover local stories and turn them into national headlines. The reporting is designed to give viewers the story behind the story — unique angles, in-depth interviews — following them to completion.

"Crime Watch Daily" has a network of affiliate stations; they will also share resources and use local reporters to cover stories in markets all over the country.

Australian crime journalist and reporter Matt Doran will host the show from Los Angeles.

The show will run daily on all Tribune stations.

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