Photo of Cleveland police officer with gun drawn sparks controversy

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CLEVELAND-  We are getting to the bottom of a picture posted online showing a Cleveland police officer with his gun drawn.

A woman sent Fox 8 News pictures of a Cleveland officer approaching a car accident scene Sunday afternoon.  She said the officer had his gun drawn on a woman.  She didn’t know why and snapped the pictures.

The officer, who was on his motorcycle, stated he witnessed the driver of the car attempt to leave the scene of two accidents. He said he was alone and didn’t know the her intentions, so when he saw her getting out of the car, he drew his weapon.

Police Union President Steve Loomis said the officer did what he should have done.

“Every 48 hours an officer gets shot in this country,” Loomis said. “We are not living in Candy Land here... The people we deal with for the most part are violent people, very angry, they don’t want to be arrested and will do what they can to avoid it.”

Loomis said people are often taking pictures of police officers, and they don’t mind.  However, he says it’s important that people get the entire story.

“That officer did what he needed to do to control the situation,” Loomis said.

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