Man living on billboard to protest murders calls it quits

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ST. LOUIS, Mo.- The businessman who promised to live on a billboard until St. Louis went one week without a murder is calling it quits.

Daniel Boone Fuller was so close to making it the full seven days because for nearly one week, there were no homicides in the city. (More from our sister station Fox 2)

The city went six and a half days without bloodshed just before the homicide on Semple Avenue Sunday morning re-started the seven-day count. Fuller's pop-up billboard was much shorter than your typical one.

Fuller said he's received support from many driving past. Some supporters have lost family members while others are simply fed up with violence.

The pop-up billboard was his way of not just complaining or talking about the problem, but trying to call attention to the issue of gun violence that is plaguing the community at an exponential rate.

"We need to do more than put up teddy bears on posts. We need to be block captains. We need to be involved. We need to volunteer. We need to know that St. Louis isn't a shooting gallery," Fuller said.

He said he stayed up there despite a broken foot and the discomforts of the heat.

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