Idaho huntress under fire after posting ‘kill’ photos on Facebook

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**Warning: Some of the images in the video above may be considered disturbing to some people**

SOUTH AFRICA– A woman’s Facebook photos are causing outrage. Idaho huntress, Sabrina Corgatelli, has been posting pictures of kills she has made during a legal hunt in South Africa.

One that is drawing a lot of negative comments shows a dead giraffe wrapped around her.

Corgatelli spoke out on TODAY Monday, saying, “To me it’s not just killing an animal; it’s the hunt. There’s a lot of personal things in my life that have happened recently that have added to that. I won’t get into that or disclose those feelings. Everybody just thinks we’re cold-hearted killers, and it’s not that. There is a connection with the animal, and just because we hunt them doesn’t mean we don’t have a respect for them. Giraffes are very dangerous animals. They could hurt you seriously very quickly.”

She told TODAY she heard about the outrage surrounding Cecil the lion’s death a day after she killed the giraffe.

Cecil’s death at the hands of a lion hunter sparked international outrage because he was a protected animal. Zimbabwe is seeking the extradition of American dentist Walter Palmer on accusations that he and others illegally hunted the lion, authorities said.

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