Study: Some kids as young as 8 are unhappy with their bodies

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A new study says that some children can be unhappy with their bodies by the age of eight years old.

According to the study published in The British Journal of Psychiatry, nearly 6,000 children were surveyed until they were 14.

They found that at the age of 8 years old, 5 percent of girls and 3 percent of boys were unhappy with their bodies.

At the age of 14, more than one-third of the girls and 12 percent of the boys said they had dieted in the past year.

They said they also feel a lot of pressure from the media and their families.

Researchers say there doesn’t seem to be a blanket approach to address the problem.

They advise targeted prevention for overweight children, and they warn to be wary of healthy eating classes for children who are sometimes too young to process the information.

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