Terminally ill single mother vows to appeal dismissal of her right-to-die case

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SAN DIEGO, CA - Christy O'Donnell is vowing to fight for her right to die peacefully, before stage 4 lung cancer painfully and slowly kills her.

On Friday, a San Diego superior court judge indicated that he will dismiss her lawsuit, that asks she be allowed to end her life now that the cancer has spread to her brain, spine and left rib. O'Donnell is morphine intolerant and doctors have told her that she will die drowning in her own fluids. The last chemotherapy regimen O'Donnell was on was causing neuropathy in her feet and swelling in her legs so her doctor took her off it, according to People.com.

The group Compassion & Choices, which filed the lawsuit on behalf of O'Donnell and other plaintiffs, will appeal the dismissal.

Here is more about Christy and her legal fight:

Though the appeal will likely get an expedited schedule, O'Donnell, a former Los Angeles Police Department sergeant and trial attorney, may not live to see it to the end.

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