Norton police car struck by hit and run driver

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Courtesy: MGN Online

NORTON, OH – A Norton police cruiser making a routine traffic stop was hit as it was parked on the side of a highway.

It happened Friday evening, at around 9:30 Norton police tell Fox 8 that Officer Jon Karnuth was pulled over on the berm of Interstate 76 in Summit County, working on a traffic stop, when an  oncoming car struck the police car. The civilian car left the scene, traveling west on I-76. Officer Karnuth was not hurt in the crash.

The vehicle’s overhead lights were flashing throughout the entire stop, including the time when the car was hit.

The hit-skip vehicle was described as a small dark gray car that now has significant damage to the front of its right side. Any information in regards to the crash you are asked to contact the Canton Highway Patrol at 330-433-6200 or the Norton Police Department at 330-825-2491.