Man attempts selfie with rattlesnake, earns bite and hefty medical bill

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LA JOLLA, Calif. – A San Diego man is learning that the price of attempting a selfie with a snake is quite high.

Todd Fassler, was bitten by a rattlesnake on July 4, according to KGTV.

“He paralyzed my body … My tongue was sticking out, my eyes were to the side,” Fassler told KGTV.

Fassler hasn’t gotten much sympathy for this incident, but he has for the price of his medical bill.

The bill was a near $150,000 dollars. Fassler emptied two hospitals of their antivenin.

The reason it’s so pricey? Most bites require about 12 viles and those are about $5,000 dollars each.

Now, Fassler’s insurance company is dealing with the hospital over the bill.