9-year-old Arkansas girl raises $47k for her friend with rare disease

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BENTON, Arkansas – Bethany Walker just wanted to help her friend get a salt water pool, it would be helpful for her rare skin disease.

“She has this skin disease called epidermolysis bullosa. If you lightly touch her she’ll get blisters,” Bethany said. Therefore, her friend Anne Marie cannot swim at a public pool because of the risk of infection.

Bethany was making bracelets and decide ‘Bracelets by Bethany’ would catch on. In just 19 weeks, she raised just over $47,000 dollars to help get Anne Marie that pool.

“Which there really is no cure, but the pool will help those blisters heal,” Bethany said.

Anne Marie said she is mostly looking forward to her pool so she can spend time with her family.