Residents continue to clean up after flooding hits Geauga County hard

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CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio - People are cleaning up flooded basements and picking up yard debris, a day after furious rains pounded Northeast Ohio, hitting the Chagrin Valley hard.

As floodwaters cleared from yards and rivers receded, many who never experienced flooding before pulled water-soaked belongings and mud from their basements. Corina Giuovezan hired a water removal crew to salvage what they could after three inches filled the basement floor of her Bainbridge Township condominium.

"It was pretty bad yesterday. Everything was overflowing," she said.

Water soaked Giuovezan's boots, clothing and sentimental books she had stored in the basement.

In the Lake Lucerne neighborhood, crews repaired stretches of roadway, undermined when the lake overflowed. Canoes sat on the beach, fished out of the lake after rising water swallowed them.

Crews swept mud off golf greens at the nearby Tanglewood Lake golf community, which was covered by a flowing river.

Romy Clark said the course directed water onto her patio, where it reached a foot deep before seeping into her basement. No furniture was there, as movers arrived Wednesday to move her family in to the home. Clark, from Ontario, said she didn't even have a mop in the house.

"Not what you want to experience when you first move in," she said. "But this stuff happens, so just rolling with the punches."

Some of the worst damage happened at a home on Elm Street in Chagrin Falls, where a backyard drain clogged, causing water to pool and collapse the home's wall.

Homeowner Michael Maciver said his insurance company has already begun disputing his claim.

"The headache becomes how quickly can we get back to normal," Maciver said.