Kennel owner talks about pet rescue due to Geauga County flooding

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NOVELTY, Ohio - The heavy rain that hit Northeast Ohio Tuesday made for some dangerous conditions, and emergency workers had to rescue more than just people.

“I was looking at the guys on the boat, and when they were jumping off the boat they were up to here in my front yard in the water”, said Nicole Lennon the owner of ‘Copaw Cabana Kennel and Dog Grooming' in Novelty

Tuesday’s rainstorm caused three of her employees and twelve dogs to become stranded forcing rescue by a boat.

“We called in the Hillcrest Technical Rescue Team. They had ten swift water rescue technicians come in. They had two boats with them. They took the boats to the kennel. Placed the dogs in the boat. Brought them back to land, and then were able to put the dogs in a pen actually on the property”, said Chief John Frazier of the Russell Fire Department.

You might imagine that transporting all the dogs would be difficult at best, however Chief Frazier said that was not the case.

“They seemed to sense that there was trouble ahead so they took it pretty well. No dog bites, resting comfortably on the boats, and seemed to be enjoying it”, added Frazier.

Now that the water has receded the extent of the flooding and the damage it has caused is visible, and it has created a lot of work for Nicole and her family.

“It's a lot dirtier than I thought it was going to be. There is a lot more mud. This is my first experience with a flood. It's dirty,”said Nicole.

It wasn’t all bad however. The dogs had a really fun time with all the mud and water

“They were a mess. I have a Golden Retriever named Rosie up there who was literally just covered. They were having the time of their lives and Rosie was covered from head to toe in mud. That was after the bath. They didn't look too hot. They are going to have to come back, hopefully Friday”, said Nicole.