Video: Officer helps toddlers who wandered away from Cleveland Heights day care

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -The FOX 8 I-Team obtained exclusive police video of officers rescuing toddlers wandering in the streets after they left a day care unnoticed.

"We found out after it was all over," said Branden Doyle, whose 2-year-old son Arthur walked away from his day care last week.

It was just last Tuesday that Arthur and his 3-year-old friend walked away from the center in Cleveland Heights.

The toddlers were found by concerned citizens, who saw the boys walking alone and flagged down police. The children were two blocks from the center when police arrived.

The Cleveland Heights police officer's body camera shows the officer gently talking to the boys so he can get their names and where they live.

"How old are you?" the officer asks the one child. The boy answers 72.

The officer drove around with the boys for about 20 minutes . Then they were alerted by the day care that the boys were missing.

We went to the day care Monday afternoon, but officials did not want to talk about the incident.

Doyle said his son won't  be returning.

The police have charged two workers with child endangering and they will be in court next week to face the charges.