No donut-licking charges to be filed against Ariana Grande

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LAKE ELSINORE, California – Ariana Grande will not have to answer to the law when it comes to her now infamous donut-licking actions that were caught on video.

TMZ reports that she will not be charged with criminal mischief for the donut licking because the owner of Wolfee Donuts does not want to press charges. So according to the Riverside County Sheriff, the case is not closed.

The incident brought the health department out to investigate the shop, which only scored a B after the inspection.

Grande later apologized for saying that she hates America and Americans , which she announced after seeing a fresh tray of supersized donuts, but in the meantime, the video had gone viral. She later backed out of a performance at the Major League Baseball All-Star Concert this weekend. Her reps said it was because she had to have her wisdom teeth removed. Others thought it was because she wanted to avoid more public backlash.