Dream come true for little boy battling cancer

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio-- Four-year-old Ethan was having the time of his life - in his own backyard.

"He's defeated the odds," said Nicole Krish, Ethan's mom, "and he gets to be a normal little boy now."

Last year, around the Fourth of July, Ethan was undergoing his fifth round of chemotherapy at the Cleveland Clinic in his battle with cancer.

But he's home now, and enjoying a special playground - a wish granted to him by A Special Wish Foundation (Cleveland chapter), working with Swingset Adventures.

"This is no ordinary swing set, says Jason Beudert, with A Special Wish, "Ethan designed the whole thing."

On Friday, he was enjoying the custom made swing set with friends, while playing with superheroes - including Batman, Spider-Man, and Captain America.

The family is just glad to be together, laughing and having fun.

"It's been a long time", said Ethan's sister, Angela.

CRUST of Tremont provided the pizza, and Ethan and friends were planning to play on into the night.