Racial slur written on garage door in Painesville, neighbors help remove it before family moves in

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PAINESVILLE - Residents of the Liberty Greens neighborhood awoke to a shock on Saturday.

Someone had scrawled a racial epithet on a house that an African-American family is expected soon to call home.

The epitaph, "No N------" drew swift condemnation and action from neighbors.

"Appalling and unwarranted," said Shannon Vickers, an African-American whose family has lived in the area for about ten years.

"This is definitely not indicative of our community here," he says.

"This is not what Painesville is all about," says Councilman Michael DeLeone, who also lives in the development.

As soon as neighbors saw the scrawling on the garage door, about 20 to 25 of them quickly began to wash it off.

"I've almost been in tears," says Kristy Weglowski, who helped organize a large welcome basket for the new family.

Painesville police are investigating, but so far, no one has been identified as a suspect.

The family is reportedly set to move into the house soon.

Councilman DeLeone says they will be welcomed into what is already a diverse area with open arms.

"We want them to be a part of our community," he says.