Cleveland to have third-wettest June on record, causing flood damage for many

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BAY VILLAGE - It has been a soggy summer so far. In fact, it's one for the record books. Although, some people might like to soon forget these days.

Our wet weekend has clearly been “No day at the beach.” An angry Lake Erie made it too dangerous to dive in and Huntington Beach in Bay Village was closed Sunday.

And, cooler temperatures and high winds kept sunbathers away, too. "I was here three days ago and there was a bit of beach there and people sunning themselves and swimming. And, it is literally a shock. I expected more water, but not this much," Biruta Briedis of Parma said.

Kevin Stroh of Parma Heights made a special trip to Huntington Beach to see it. “Today is particularly attractive because the lake is so naturally beautiful. It's the variety of the colors, the variety of the cloud formations, and the city in the background. It's beautiful to me,” he said.

But, beautiful is not how he describes the summer we've had so far. “It's been a different summer.

Different, in so far as all the water that we've gotten,” he added.

Fox 8 News Meteorologist AJ Colby says Cleveland has already recorded the third wettest June in history, with five inches of rain above average. "This really is the kind of weather pattern that is good for farmers; people who need that water to keep their livelihoods alive. Unfortunately for these people who are these flood plains and have to have their basements pumped out because of these storm systems that's the real unfortunate part of this weather pattern,” he added.

Chad Cochran is still cleaning up and drying out the basement of his Wolf Road home after getting flooded with eight inches of water. “Based on my insurance agent and the adjuster, my understanding is that it was a sewage backup. So, it came up through the drain pipes in the basement. My understanding is that there are several hundred homes in Bay Village that have been affected."

And, that has Cochran worried for the next big storm and hoping for better weather. "We're certainly forward to summer. Whenever that eventually happens, that would be great," he said.