Akron landlord accused of exchanging rent for pot operation

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AKRON, Ohio - Police have charged a local man with illegal manufacture of drugs, accusing him of forgiving rent at several properties in exchange for people watching over a marijuana growing operation.

Akron Police Lieutenant Rick Edwards says the investigation started with a call to a home on Morgan Avenue.

"A female called in complaining that there was drug activity, a marijuana grow inside of the house on Morgan Avenue," said Edwards.

Danny Metz tells Fox 8 News he answered the door when police first arrived.

Metz said he wouldn't let police inside until they had a warrant.

Edwards said they did get a warrant and when officers returned they did not find a large marijuana growing operation, but what they did find lead them to five other locations.

Police arrested Joseph Krozlak on a felony charge of Illegal Manufacture of Drugs, identifying him as the ringleader.

They also arrested Donald Carpenter at a home on Fess Avenue, where Carpenter did not want to be interviewed, but told Fox 8 that police confiscated more than 240 marijuana plants from the property.

Carpenter, who was charged with Cultivating Marijuana, admitted he grows his own marijuana for recreational use and said he paid $500 rent to live at the home.

Investigators also arrested Alberta Eisman, 63, at a home on Lafollette Avenue. She is charged with Illegal Manufacturing and Cultivating.

Court records show Danny Metz also faces charges that include illegal manufacturing and drug abuse/marijuana.

Metz, who told Fox 8 he is homeless but was being allowed to stay at the Morgan Avenue house, denied knowing anything about an arrangement to exchange marijuana growing for rent.

"That's not the case here (at the Morgan Avenue property) and I don't know about other properties," said Metz.

Police say they confiscated more than 300 marijuana plants in the raids on the five properties and the case could result in multiple additional charges if it goes to a grand jury.‚Äč